How to book

How to book

To confirm your reservation you must send us a deposit equal to 30% from the total price.
This deposit can be sent either with a Bank transfer οr by credit/debit card (Master or a Visa),
all you will have to do is give us your card number, the expiry date and the three digit number
at the back of your card and we will take the deposit from our office.

If you do not wish to send your card details through the Internet then you can send us a Fax
with the details at +302662031161 or call us at +302662031807.
As soon as we have received your deposit we will send you your booking Voucher via an e-mail.

If you choose to send your deposit via a bank transfer you will firstly have to mention
it on your inquiry so that we can send you all the necessary bank details.

While completing your bank transfer please don't forget to also include the name of
the person that has made the reservation so that we can identify your payment.

The final payment will be due after your arrival on the island in our office in Lakka.