About Us

About Us

Ministry of Tourism. Authorised Licence No. 08.29.E.61.00.00993.01

Yorgos and Yiannis
Back in the not too distant 1979, two local brothers, Yorgos and Yiannis Grammatikos,
re-united on the island after years of living away and established Routsis Holidays.

The family-run Routsis Holidays is located in Lakka, the northern most settlement on
the island and has been delivering its first rate services with the exact same loyalty
and enthusiasm ever since.

Τhey say that time is a ruthless enemy and not so long ago, Yorgos and Yiannis have
"officially" retired, unofficially though they are still around offering their valuable wisdom,
but not before they formed a formidable team to follow on their footsteps.

Meet the team

Irene "The Boss" Grammatikos
Daughter of Yorgos, has been many years under the guidance and tutelage of the brothers,
today she is the soul of the company as well as the brains. Her special knowledge of the island
and the properties available is the key factor to make your holidays truly unforgettable.
She acknowledges the tension travelers might feel when it comes to holiday planning, especially
when they need an all-inclusive holiday. That's why she is delighted to apply all her expertise and
come up with optimum suggestions that will not only exceed your expectations but will be also
matching your style and attitude.

Leonidas "The Salesman" Doris
Leo as he is affectionately known, is a born salesman. He is the kind of guy that can sell ice to the Eskimos.
Cousin of both Irene and Filipp, he is the right hand (or is it the left one?) of "The Boss".
Your personal needs and preferences mean a lot to him, as he can evaluate them and provide you with
inspired vacation ideas tailored to your particular taste. Leo is also responsible for all the videos on our
website as he has discovered yet another talent, that of video making and editing.

Odysseus "The Gentle Giant" Dimas
Ody sees the world higher than everyone since he is close to 2 meters tall, he is a very gentle guy
in general and very mild mannered unless of course you decide to face him on the basketball court.
He is the one to meet you at the port and take you to your accommodation as well as back to the port.
Ody is also responsible for your car hire needs and he is known for his punctuality in appointments.

Filipp "The Black Sheep" Grammatikos
Yorgos first born child, he has a PhD in IT Technology and Development and has traveled in more
than 100 countries around the world. As with all old school programmers he is living over the edge
and he is known for his crazy stands like base jump and free fall always defying gravity.
Filipp is responsible for the website, social media and the never ending promotion of Routsis Holidays.